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  • 5 Steps To Earning Referrals

  • How To "Ask" For Referrals

  • Learn About The Benefits Of Favor Boxes

Earning Real Estate Referrals

Most of us have specialized in one aspect of the real estate world. Some specialize in construction of new homes, others deal primarily in pre-existing homes; some specialize in investment properties, others in commercial ventures of various sorts. If you know a few agents with different specialties, you can refer clients you know to be looking in that area to an agent who will do the same for you. And, you should be networking handymen, moving companies, home inspectors, and the like, so that you can refer the best to your clients. The better you can serve your clients—in all aspects of their home buying experiences—the better they’ll feel about referring you to friends.

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Party Favors


What sort of party favors should we include? Well, since these favor boxes are small, we won’t be including anything large. No giant stuffed animals—though a tiny stuff animal for those with kids couldn’t hurt. No, you’ll want to include items that can bring you to the prospective buyers mind. The old standby of a pen with your business information on it springs to mind.

Reliability is Key


I’ve heard it said, and to some extent, I don’t doubt, that a real estate agent has to be unique to be noticed. But, frankly, if you’re doing a good job for your existing clients, and I mean really doing a good job and not the bare minimum, they’re going to want to recommend you to anyone they know who is considering buying a home.

When to Ask


I know that I don’t always feel comfortable asking for a referral, even though I recognize that referrals really are my lifeblood. That said, I’ve gotten better, and after speaking with a number of other realtors, I can tell you that we all agree it’s best to ask right after you’ve finished with buyers, right when they say, “Wow! You‘ve done an amazing job. Thank you.”